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Math in a Box - Online math classes

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WELCOME  to  MATH  in a BOX  classrooms




Geometry A REVIEW  -Great for review or preparing for the fall semester,


Create your own summer camp.


Algebra 1 Review course, you may want to try it too.

I also have full Algebra and Geometry courses

SEE listing below of all my Algebra and Geometry CLASSES.


Your teacher, tutor, and lesson creator 

Susan Johnsey   



mathinabox at gmail dot com 


Below, you will find links to all my CLASSES.


Later visit my web site for advise or

math Videos, short lessons and worksheets.




I answer email at least 350 days of the year so please let me know your questions about my Classes or my Lessons.

   Please be as specific as possible. 

If you are a   visitor  then only a few of the LESSON links will work for you in each math Class.

SEE CLASSES BELOW.   You may visit the algebra and geometry classrooms listed below.

Free lessons are offered in each.   

Free short Lessons are also offered at my redesigned web site. www.mathinabox.com


The classrooms are private for each student.  All ages are welcome to join.  Teachers, parents, adults returning to college, young students, old students, are all welcomed.   


  If you are a teacher in need of a class or summer camp for your students  then let me know your class' specific needs or topics.   I can customize a  course for your class. 



+++++If you are ready to begin then Register Online  here ++++


More information about myself and my free short Lessons can be found at www.mathinabox.com


Select the math class and then you may choose one of the free Lessons or register above for all lessons within your course.



Choose the Course you would like to visit:

    Algebra 1A   (first semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 1B   (second  semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 2A   (first semester of Algebra 2)

    Algebra 2B   (second  semester of Algebra 2)

    Geometry     (first semester)

    Geometry     (second semester)

    Algebra 1 Review- great for summer review CREATE your own Summer Camp!


Geometry 1 REVIEW  - review or prepare for the fall.


 Algebra 2 Review-  may I suggest the Algebra 2A

                                               or complete the placement test below. 

FACTORING polynomials is a very important topic in ALGEBRA and beyond algebra. 

On the home page of most of the classes above there is a link to a free Factoring class.   Check it out too.



If you are not sure which class you should join then complete my free Placement test and email me your answers.  I will be glad to help you decide what is best for you. 


Visit www.mathinabox.com/PlacementTests or


My Students:  Please NOTE that you must complete Lessons in order.  Lessons may not be skipped nor done poorly.  The course is self-paced, but poor work or work completed out of order will not be accepted.   I always enforce these requirements because I want you to be successful in this class and in your next math class too.  Let me know your questions any time.      If you go to a page and it states "access denied" then be sure you are selecting the correct class.


 Let me know when you need help.  


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